The designer and founder of Natalie handmade jewellery brand, Nataša Kolundžić entered the world of design in 2003. 

Innovative materials, creativity and high quality design are important strong points on which her brand is based on. Even in the beginning when the collections were unique and limited. 

To this day the principle of Natali’s design hasn’t changed and is characterized by simple chic. 

Her jewellery combines elements of punk and grunge with always present strong femininity. 

When she talks about the process of creating, she stresses that she is always led by her intuition and initial idea. Following that initial spark Natali creates a line in which each piece of jewellery tells its own story.  

Metal and rubber are her favourite materials and the source of her everlasting inspiration.

Metal is strong and powerful whereas rubber is flexible and easy to work with. 

Her collections are designed with thoughtfulness and care, always taking into consideration the design itself as well as the target customer (practicality, sustainability, and wearability).

Nataša Kolundžić has had dozens of jewellery exhibitions and she also took part in Croatian fashion weeks. She had many successful collaborations with renowned fashion designers, and was a long time designer for Swarovski Components. 

Natali handmade jewelry is available in multibrand concept stores in Croatia, Europe and the USA.